Be Nothing

I judge myself too much. Especially the artist side. There’s times that I don’t know who I am. Sometimes my actions and personality feel unfamiliar to who I believe myself to be. The worst is when I feel inauthentic. To be inauthentic is arguably the biggest “sin” an artist can commit; so it bothers me when I don’t feel original. My sister (which I will more than likely be talking about a lot on this blog) is my goto when I have a breakdown of any kind. She’s like fresh water for my perspective. And she’s almost always right. This is a text message she sent to me a time that I was feeling like a total cliche. I thought it’d be nice to share her words; they saved me from a melt-down that day, and I go back to read them all the time.

“just know that you’re under absolutely no obligation to react to anything or anyone at anytime…sometimes when i freak out about who i think i am i become nothing until i feel more authenitic. be nothing it liberates you from identity…identity is a choice you’re under no obligation to choose it…you can be free…choose freedom instead of an identity if only for a while just enough to allow your soul to breath and come back to itself”