My number one aspiration as an artist

I am Lolita. I create multimedia art. My intention is to collapse the veil or bring awareness to that which differentiates authentic expression from the actions influenced by societies social norms.

As a young adult emerged in American pop culture, I’ve become well aware of the many advantages and disadvantages my generation has been faced with amid a highly digital era.

Due to the relentless mass media push of beauty products, lifestyle, entertainment and overall consumerism, it’s become easy for the American public especially children and young adults to adopt a judgmental attitude towards themselves and those around them.

There are certain social norms and beauty standards that make it hard for individuals to live a lifestyle of their own choosing. For example, in order for individuals to fulfill their need for love & belonging (since deep down everyone just wants to belong), they feel they must abandon their instincts and unique inclinations towards their own interests and self expressions and replace them for whats popular and wont isolate them from their peers. This “surrendering” of our authentic selves to societies social norms and beauty standards tend to leave us unfulfilled and often depressed.

I am not bashing all of mass media and the publics reaction to it, I’m simply observing it. I see immense beauty in our mistakes as individuals and as a collective, I see beauty in our imperfections, and I find value in the so called “ugly” things that we sweep under the carpet. But I also see an opportunity for growth.

I’d like my art to inspire people to dismiss from the mind (if only for a moment) what it means to bite their tongues & suck in their bellies, I’d like to create an atmosphere in which we unlearn the stereotypes and fears pushed on us (whether it be intentionally or not). I’d like my art to create a space where the wild woman is free to dance and the man is free to cry without being shamed for doing so. My art is an attempt at liberating the people from the status quo that our society expects us to follow. Its a protest against the fostering of a lifestyle onto the people by societies gatekeepers. We will lead ourselves to and through the spaces of our own choosing. We will be bold & courageous. We are not sorry.

This project is larger than me and I understand that I can only get so far alone. I’m seeking creative insight and feedback on how my art can get closer to reaching its full potential. I want to find clarity as to how my artistic expression can be used as a tool for healing and progressive transformation for me and for others.

There is an “illusion of choice” in place that is holding us back from reaching our full potential. I’d like to use my art as a tool to shatter this crippling trance we’ve been under and to awaken myself and those around me to the boundless possibilities just outside our comfort zones.