What’s the difference between how we are in dreams & how we are in physical reality? For one, I know manifestation is faster in dreams. You think of flying and boom you are soaring through the air. But in physical reality manifestation takes longer, perhaps because it requires labor.

To bring something into physical reality one must bring it through the womb of the Cosmos. It can be painful & it can take time. We must carry it until it’s ready to be birthed… Pondering the process of creation

Artist, activist, and advocate for the arts, Lolita cultivates her creative skills in marketing, creative media, entertainment, communication, as well as research & development to facilitate and encourage people organizations and companies who have a humanitarian objective.

Lolita is co-founder of a media company called Enlightofme. A team of enthusiastic humanitarians that provide high end media such as video, audio, web, photography, graphic design, and lectures/workshops surrounding media, art, and entrepreneurship.

Bachelor of Science in Music – University of Colorado Denver

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