La Más Chingona Shirt

Some background on the terminology, ‘Chingon’ & ‘Chingona’ During the Mexican Revolution when the first machine guns came to Mexico, Mexicans began calling the operators of those weapons, “El Más Chingon.” Since then, the term has evolved and become Mexican slang; translating to “the most bad-ass,” or used to describe something that is extremely astonishing or cool. 
El Má-Chin-Gon
Some background on the Song & Music Video:  Lolita was one of 10 bands selected for the 53.14 Music Video Experiment in Fort Collins Colorado, in which 10 bands were paired with 10 film crews and challenged to direct, film, & edit a music video in 53 hours and 14 minutes. Lolita, 2MX2 (the featured artist) & Altr (the amazing creative agency that Lolita was paired with) then decided on Lolita’s song, “La Más Chingona,” & this music video is the result of that experiment.

Sphynx Cat T-Shirt

Sphynx Badge with Yellow or Pink Lotus Crown T-Shirt

The sphynx cat, with its hairless exterior and piercing eyes, has long captured the human imagination. In ancient cultures, the sphynx symbolized mystery, guardianship, and wisdom. It is often associated with riddles and puzzles, reflecting the enigmatic nature of life’s mysteries. As guardians, sphynx cats guide us through transitions, reminding us to embrace change with curiosity and grace. The sphynx’s presence on the t-shirt serves as a symbol of protection and the quest for deeper understanding.

The lotus flower’s journey from murky depths to pristine beauty mirrors the human path to enlightenment. Rooted in the mud, its stem grows upward, symbolizing spiritual growth. The lotus finally blossoms in all its splendor, signifying purity and transformation. This captivating flower teaches us that even in life’s murkiest waters, we can rise above challenges and find our true selves. The lotus on the t-shirt stands as a reminder of our inner journey toward enlightenment.

The color yellow radiates warmth, positivity, and enlightenment. It’s the color of the sun, bringing light to the world and dispelling darkness. Yellow symbolizes clarity of thought, intellect, and confidence. Just as the sunflowers turn toward the sun, seeking its life-giving energy, the color yellow encourages us to seek the light within ourselves. Incorporating yellow into the t-shirt design infuses it with a sense of vibrancy and positivity.

Pink, with its gentle and soothing hues, symbolizes love, compassion, and emotional healing. It reminds us to nurture our relationships and treat ourselves with kindness. Pink is a color that promotes harmony and understanding, encouraging us to connect with our emotional selves and with others. By featuring pink in the t-shirt design, it becomes a wearable emblem of love and empathy.

Capturing the essence of these spiritual symbols, Lolita’s Sphynx Tee invites you to embrace the depth of their meanings. Incorporating these elements into your wardrobe allows you to carry their energy with you, infusing your daily life with layers of significance. 

Lolita worked with Blake Sass at Rumblekatt an animator and illustrator based in Denver CO, to design this Badge. The Sphynx is an animation of Lolita’s beloved cat “Kitty.”

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Chi-Chi Suelta Keychain

Protect your chi with Lolita’s “chi chi suelta” keychains. Official merchandise for Lolita’s song Chi-Chi Suelta. Handmade by Lolita, “chi chi suelta” keychains come with a digital download of Lolita’s song “Chi-Chi Suelta“! Choose the letter charm & frame you’d like included on your keychain. All keychains come with a hamsa charm. More colors & customizations available upon request.

Elevate your style and support the empowerment of women with Lolita’s Chi-Chi Suelta Keychains. By choosing this stylish accessory, you not only carry a symbol of the divine mother but also stand in solidarity with a woman’s right to express herself freely. Chi-Chi Suelta Keychains are more than just a fashion statement; they embody the spirit of women’s empowerment, encouraging the freedom to wear what she pleases while ensuring safety and humane treatment.

With each Chi-Chi Suelta Keychain purchase, you directly contribute to supporting Lolita, one of your favorite artists. It’s not just about accessorizing; it’s about making a meaningful statement and backing the values of self-expression, safety, and respect for all women. As an added bonus, every keychain comes with a digital download of Lolita’s empowering anthem, “Chi Chi Suelta.” Wear your support proudly, make a statement, and enjoy the empowering beats of Lolita’s music – all in one fabulous package!

Carry this symbol of emotional and spiritual nourishment with you and enjoy a digital download of Lolita’s song Chi-Chi Suelta!”