Lolita, a passionate Mexican-American artist, embodies the transformative power of music in addressing societal issues. Her musical journey began with a resounding impact in 2019, swiftly gaining recognition for her authentic and diverse compositions. With eleven singles in her discography and a substantial following on Spotify, Lolita fearlessly explores themes ranging from police brutality to cultural stereotypes, utilizing music as a vehicle for change and unity. A graduate of the University of Colorado in Music Business & Entertainment Studies, Lolita's roots in Colorado run deep. Raised in Denver's Five Points and later settling in Aurora, she intimately understands the challenges faced by local communities. Through her music, Lolita not only sheds light on these issues but actively engages in fostering solutions. Her artistic endeavors extend beyond performances to impactful artist residencies within schools and organizations. These programs provide a creative haven for youth to discuss pressing social justice matters, empowering them to communicate and effect positive change through music and songwriting. Lolita's music, described as "Antifascist Joyful Pop Music," stand as testaments to her commitment to societal transformation. Driven by a belief in the unifying force of music, Lolita seeks to expand her outreach, bringing art's empowering influence to the world.

Photo #1 by Jason Carncross Photo #2 by Jordan Altergott