Some background on the terminology, ‘Chingon’ & ‘Chingona’ During the Mexican Revolution when the first machine guns came to Mexico, Mexicans began calling the operators of those weapons, “El Más Chingon.” Since then, the term has evolved and become Mexican slang; translating to “the most bad-ass,” or used to describe something that is extremely astonishing or cool. 
El Má-Chin-Gon
Some background on the Song & Music Video:  Lolita was one of 10 bands selected for the 53.14 Music Video Experiment in Fort Collins Colorado, in which 10 bands were paired with 10 film crews and challenged to direct, film, & edit a music video in 53 hours and 14 minutes. Lolita, 2MX2 (the featured artist) & Altr (the amazing creative agency that Lolita was paired with) then decided on Lolita’s song, “La Más Chingona,” & this music video is the result of that experiment.

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